In a recent interview, I was asked questions about why the leaders of a company in the "C-Suite" should focus on customer service. The questions seemed to be well-thought-out and appropriate, but as I reviewed the questions and my answers, it occurred to me that they could be applied to everyone in the organization, not just the management. In other words, while the customer service vision may start in the C-Suite, everyone must own the responsibility. Here are the questions that I was asked, and my thoughts on expanding the focus to include everyone in the organization. 1. From the C-Suite, why is customer service important? The question could be restated as: Why is customer service important? This is basic. If your company has competitors that sell the same or similar products or services, how can you set yourself apart and attract the customers? You can differentiate yourself by the way you deliver the product. And although it is the front-line employees who deliver the customer experience, shouldn't management take the lead in defining and establishing what that customer experience should be?